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Top Sequential Email Series (SES) Applications

Updated: August 6, 2020

Sequential email series (SES) applications are bare of any added luggage that confuses or complicates the process of sending automated emails. Although each one of these applications has a unique feature that makes it distinct from the others, they perform the sequential email function flawlessly.


An important aspect of designing an email is that it reaches customers on their favoured application unhindered by the changing devices and applications on which the email is received. Benchmark has a tool called the Inbox Checker that allows you to make these investigations possible. Using this tool, an email can be designed and then checked how that particular email will be viewed of different applications and devices. This allows the marketing process to become more efficient since the viewer will never be hassled for switching devices for viewing automated sequential emails, which sometimes results in loss of customers. Benchmark also has the feature of ensuring that sequential emails sent through it will not be filtered as spam.

Benchmark comes with its own set of visually pleasing templates that can be edited and personalized for each campaign.

Price: From $11.95/month for up to 600 contacts


Sequential emails comprise mostly of images and text. With advancement of social media today, emails have to be kept up to the mark to allow automated sequential emails to contain the interest of possible customers. BombBomb equips you with tools that add a spark to the sequential emails by allowing the addition of video content.

Ranging from videos made professionally to personally produced cell-phone footage of the product or services you intend to sell, drip emails using BombBomb allow you to advertise using these videos reaching out further to customers. Once you have composed your email personalized with an exciting video clip describing or introducing your product or services, sequential emails can be sent.

BombBomb then allows you to monitor the customers viewing your video clip after the emails have been automated. This helps to monitor alerts of possible buyers and anticipate the number of new clients or customers.

Videos are not the only form of multimedia you can include. BombBomb is also inclusive of tools for adding mp3s, PowerPoint presentations as well as other documents and files. If you want a more creative medium for composing automated sequential emails, BombBomb is the perfect choice for you.

Price: From $25/month for up to 500 contacts


Another concern in automated marketing is the need to provide contacts with relevant and complete information without overwhelming them with multitudes of emails sent, filling up the customers’ inbox. Cusomer.io is the application you need to make your automated marketing system more efficient in sending sequential emails without leaving out relevant information to the customers.

Customer.io is the application for you if you want your customer to receive emails timed systematically based on when the contact visits your website by monitoring activity. It collects data such as price links viewed as well as upgrade options or any other links provided. To avoid the customers from being startled by instant emails received as soon as they view your page or from mistaking your emails for spam, Customer.io allows you to schedule these emails.

This tool for setting up automated sequential emails based on timing allows you to not lose any customers due to expiration of sales. Customer.io allows you to send emails once the sequential emails have already been sent by informing you to do a follow up in time not to lose customers!

Price: Free for up to 200 contacts; from $50 for up to 5,000 contacts


Designed specifically for the literary community, this application allows you to market and successfully launch books. Book writers would have a lot on their plate already, writing a book of any sort. Marketing it is a task that should be best left to ConvertKit.

With specific detail in its features keeping in mind book marketing, ConvertKit helps to bring about the best sequential emails that effectively create teasers out of your books as landing pages for the contacts. In addition to effectively making customers out of your contacts, ConvertKit also allows you to systematically schedule your emails, provides tools for editing using the simple drag-and-drop option as well provides group making tools so contacts can, be divided into those who purchased a book and those who haven’t yet!

Price: From $29/month for up to 1,000 contacts


The most basic of applications, Drip gathers up all the email addresses of customers from your own website as well as other relevant sources. It has simple tools that allow you to do so for sending your drip emails. The application has a simplified, clutter-free interface making it user friendly.

For drip users, the most efficient way to send drip emails is the use of pre-made sets of promotions. This basically means drip provides generalized text that encompasses a wide range of campaigns. This feature is known as Blueprints. Only by replacing the filler text with the name of your company or product and adjusting the timeframe for the emails to be sent, your work is done. Once through with these minor adjustments, all the possible customers would be receiving emails in no time.

Price: From $49/month for up to 2,500 subscribers and 20,000 sent emails


From welcoming new customers to instructing people how to use your product to even basic publicity of your product or services, Knowtify has all that you need to design automated sequential emails. It includes standard behavioural and transactional features as well as digest emails informing potential customers of deals and up-coming events.

Knowtify allows you to produce rich content with its templates that are easy to edit and customize. App and user profiles can also be used to customize your sequential emails. Emails can also be individually scheduled and the process of drip email is automated to send out emails from one place.

Price: Free for first 1,000 emails; from $19/month for sending up to 2,500 emails


This application takes drip emails a step ahead. It allows you to easily add people to your sequential email campaign with the use of plugins, code snippets or even your Facebook application and synchronizing them with your website. It also provides tools that can be used to loop contacts from hosted landing webpages and sign-up forms to be integrated into the sequential email campaign. Sendloop allows you to extend your sequential email campaign to a larger number of users once you have approached that stage of marketing.

Sendloop allows you to categorize your contacts based on different variables such as when they last viewed the website. This allows the emails sent to different contacts to be more personalized. Sendloop is just a step up for a marketing team in need of a more personalized and contact oriented drip email system.

Price: From $24/month for up to 2,500 contacts with email automation


Every company or campaign has its own specific demands. If what you require is a creatively composed, even theme based email to be automated to be sent to your customers, Vision6 is a suitable application. Attractive emails also help with turning prospective clients into full time customers for your product or services. Vision6 provides you with templates which can be used as they are (includes seasonal templates, etc…) as well as provides editing tools that allow you to design and personalize emails for each separate campaign.

Another profound feature of Vision6 is the allowance to compose text messages apart from emails to reach customers through SMS and other social media sources. With all these vast variety of options, the contacts can also be divided into groups and categories or separately selected from a spreadsheet

Price: From $9/month for up to 500 contacts


Quickmail is an application providing tools for active media options such as addition of videos to automated emails and any other visual aid option that you require to make an automated marketing campaign more successful. It breaks down these tasks into simpler tools so that every new campaign can be dealt with convenience and ease.

It has an added benefit of integrating your automated email system to your Google account. Quickmail allows you to import sign in through your Google account and import contacts from a Google spreadsheet, to who sequential emails are sent will appear as though from a personal account. This allows a better form of communication to be developed with the contacts and a better chance of finding customers. Such a method of communication encourages possible customers to respond to these emails. Once a customer has replied, the contact is removed from the sequential email campaign so that the communication can be carried on, on a more personal level. Quickmail is the most suitable application if your product requires a more personal form of customer care.

Price: From $37/month for up to 20,000 contacts


SendWithUs allows you to integrate transactional services for sequential email from Amazon SES or Mandrill. If you import templates from these internal applications for your emails, you can easily edit those using SendWithUs to creatively redo them based on the needs and requirements of your campaign. It has plenty of flexibility to be used with the email services and other applications that you may already be using.

It performs the functions of gathering contacts from your website and group and regroups those contacts for different sequential emails based on preferable campaigns for each customer. With the convenience of the email service of your choice, sequential emails can be automated targeting specific groups of contacts appropriately for particular campaigns. In additions, statistical data is also gathered by this application, allowing you to monitor customer response. SendWithUs comes with a translation feature and is particularly a smart choice for companies and service providers targeting an international audience.

Price: From $79/month for up to 10,000 contacts

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