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Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps

Updated: August 6, 2020

Despite the innovation in technology and software, the conventional email remains on top of the list. Emails are still our primary source of communication if not the only and no matter how hard we try to revert to other applications, it takes precedence over them.

In the world of marketing, email continues to be the most preferred medium of advertising and reaching out to people who can be potential customers. Sending newsletters through emails allow a deeper connection with potential customers as they can keep such information digitally available to themselves at all times. Having established the continued need for emails, there is a need for marketing automation. The solution is provided by drip marketing software.

Sequential emails are a game changer in email marketing in order to provide relevant information to the customers and clients on time. However, every team of marketing has its own requirements. Sequential email automation has a range of application that covers every need.

Quick FYI – Sequential email automation is also referred to as autoresponders, drip, lifecycle emails and email automation.

The range of sequential email automation applications include those that simply send emails to those that have a complete range of features for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by automating marketing apart from the email features. This entire range of applications has features and tools that can be utilized in a variety of ways to achieve customized drip automation as well as a personalized service for sending of emails.

This guide provides you all you need to know about the many different applications that allow sending of sequential emails so that you can find one most suitable to your needs.

These applications have been described with information relevant for the user as well as a screenshot giving a sense of the User Interface and a basic price. Avoiding the technical gibberish that would confuse marketing people, only the information relevant for their selection has been provided.

To make the selection process easier, these applications have been categorized into groups based on their features.

Part 1 – Sequential Email Automation Apps

Part 2 – Marketing Automation Apps

Part 3 – Email Newsletters Apps

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