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Top Marketing Automation Apps

Marketing Automation Apps are applications that add an element of Customer Relationship Management to basic sequential email automation functions. CRM in marketing applications allow data to be tracked from each individual customer so that user sensitive and relevant emails can be automatically sent. The featured applications allow building of customer profiles as well as to reach customers via cell phones and text messages.


The complex world of systematic automated sequential emails can be a difficult task to complete. It includes both writing the content and ensuring that emails are sent in time for the deals and services to be availed. AgileCRM has an easy drag and drop feature to compose and design automated emails for sequential email campaigns.

With its simplistic interface, AgileCRM is user-friendly, with a lot of tools to experiment with. It has intensive data tracking tools that allow classification for people who have not visited the site, for those who have not availed new deals etc. collecting such data allows easy targeted drip emails to be composed and sent in time to prospective customers.

Price: From $14.99/team member per month


This application provides basic sequential email automation functions with its programs feature which is inclusive of informing contacts about updates as well as to invite them to your social network. However, the focus of this application is on CRM. It is the ideal software for you if you are need of collecting vital data about your contacts from social networks and even your email inbox. This makes it extremely convenient for you to group and regroup contacts allowing you to categorize the type of customers you will have. This can further be utilized for a follow-up on your drip email content that can eventually be designed and sent using Contactually.

Price: $18/user/month


HubSpot allows you to integrate all your online marketing efforts in one place. By synchronizing and gathering information from your blog posts and other social content, it creates a simplified work flow apart from performing the basic functions of a CRM and sequential email application.

Content from you website or page is pulled and sent to users, all you have to do is tweak the schedule for sending these emails to the relevant customers. The best feature of HubSpot is its provision for consistent marketing for each individual customer receiving complete information on time.

Price: Around $800/month for unlimited team members and up to 1,000 customers; $50/month per additional 1k customers


Infusionsoft comes with an addition of eCommerce tools as well as a task manager for your daily regimes apart from the regular features of keeping a check on your active as well as inactive customers, designing and composing sequential email, and ensuring regular and systematic automated online marketing.

‘’My Day’’ allows you to simultaneously view your daily schedule while reviewing your contact lists; those that need a follow up. The application is designed with a simple UI allowing easy access to sequential email campaign visual builder. It has tools that allow you to include voice messages and other media that will attract potential customers. Infusionsoft is an application that gives you an experience way beyond the regular sequential email software.

Price: Around $75/team member per month


This application is developed with a focus on statistical monitoring; site visits, emails opened, converted leads and other important data that allows you to improve your marketing campaigns. Inerakt gives customization options for easy composition of sequential emails for automated campaigns. The statistical data is used to create customer groups and sub-groups that allow you to send targeted sequential emails for a more efficient and CRM oriented automated campaigns.

Price: Free for personal use; around $10/team member per month


Intercom allows you to compose emails with the most convenient and user-friendly features and tools, allowing you to record statistics of emails that receive better responses from potential customers, creating groups based on customer profiles through their time of visit on your sites and other such tracked data. However, what sets Intercom apart from other applications for composing and sending automated sequential emails for marketing campaigns for your product or services is the automated schedule for in-app messages as well as emails. Each campaign or sequential emails statistics are viewed adjacent to the list making it easier and more effective to proceed with online marketing campaigns.

Price: Free event tracking and customer profiles; around $20 per 1k customers for full features


Jumplead allows you to view your list of contacts as a structured group of prospective customers through the understanding the customer has of your product or services. Customers reach your web page at different stages and have different queries or questions on different matters. This application allows you to target customers accordingly so they receive basic information if they are beginners and advanced guidance if they are past the initial stages of instruction.

Allowing users to improve CRM in real-time, the information collected by Jumplead is easy to reciprocate for improved email content, customized sequential emails and better automated campaigns targeted customers individually. Jumplead also sends you statistical analysis by notifying you of prospective clients.

Price: Free for 1 user and up to 100 customers; around $16/team member per month for basic plans


With template and drag and drop editing options to customize your campaigns for sequential emails, Hatchbuck allows you improve online marketing through providing tags that each contain a list of customers based on the data statistical group they fall under. Every contact can have as many tags as required, which ensures that the relevant emails reach every customer. The tags allow features to be associated with customers and make sorting of customers based on their preferences easier. Hatchbuck has efficient and evident results once the basic sequential emails applications features are combined with the tagging system.

Price: Starts at $99/month for 1 team member up to 2.5k customers or $299/month for unlimited team members and customers

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