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Our clients are our proof of concept. Across the diverse eCommerce sector, our robust client retention rate points to a clear fact: working with us brings success, not regret.

We’ve been fortunate to contribute to our clients’ achievements, assisting them in amassing a collective annual revenue of over $300 million through the various projects we’ve diligently worked on.


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WooCommerce Development Agency

WooCommerce Development Services​

Be the website that makes users say: “Damn! How did they do that?” Our marrow-deep expertise with WooCommerce means we leverage every aspect of your store to attract, retain, and impress more of your customers.

WooCommerce Maintenance Services

WooCommerce Maintenance & Support

Who’s got time for site security and maintenance? Focus on the key drivers—like sales and engagement—and let us handle the boring (but critical) work of maintenance and support.

WordPress Development Services

WordPress is robust—but only if you have the tools to manage it. Let’s work together to turn your WordPress platform into a sale-generating machine.

Partner with WooCommerce Experts that work for you, not against you.


Our skills, your goals. Collaborate with a true WooCommerce expert to ensure that every creative spark is aimed at launching your next mission.


With clear lines of communication in place, there’s never any worry that you’re out of the loop. Instead, our clients have full transparency at every step.


Do you stand out from the competition? No? Then you need bold, badass innovation. When skills and creativity meet, good things happen.

Lean Thinking

Razor-sharp focus on deliverables—no extra frills or nonsense. That’s what we mean when we say “badass.”

Why CoSpark


15+ Years of Experience

With our proven reputation in WooCommerce and WordPress development, you can trust that you’re always in good hands.


Proactive problem-solvers

We don’t just solve WooCommerce problems at CoSpark; we outsmart them before they become problems! Join us for a winning strategy in this never-ending digital game of ‘hide and seek.’


Deep WooCommerce expertise

Yes, we’re WooCommerce nerds. We don’t care who knows it. And you’re going to reap the benefits of our “deep expertise.”


We're Your Partner

Every great endeavor needs a co-pilot—a CoSpark. Let’s build a lasting relationship and discover why so many of our clients stay with us.

An amazing, kick-ass website.

You have an amazing brand, so shouldn't your website reflect that? Work with us to align your e-Commerce site to your brand voice, your values, and the general badassery your site should evoke.

AnnexCore was fantastic to work with and produced an outstanding marketing campaign from start to finish. The service and response time was instrumental in completing our project on time considering our tight time frame. I will be collaborating in the future with AnnexCore and recommend them strongly.Pat M Red Capture
They were fast in every way - quickly responded, quickly provided the finished product, and were so easy to work with. I highly recommend them!
AnnexCor has been awesome! They were quick to get me back a workable template, and made all the changes I requested very efficiently. And it looks great!!
Fantastic service. Solved urgent problems we had inherited from others. AnnexCore jumped right in with almost no notice and knocked it out of the park, repeatedly. Very grateful. Thank you!
Very quick turnaround on our MailChimp template and edits. Would definitely hire them again.
Great detailed work building a template that matched our site design and offered many features and drop and drag Mailchimp functions to make it easy to produce high quality newsletters.
I have worked with AnnexCore on and off for several years. THEY ARE AMAZING and that is why I am a repeat customer! They make the whole process stress free and they are very professional. They set up and organized my mailchimp automation account and designed my whole newsletter. I am very happy with the work they did. THANK YOU ANNEX CORE!