Pathways LA

Case Study

Enhancing Pathways LA’s Brand Awareness with Optimized Conversions


Pathways LA sought out CoSpark to amplify its visibility and expand the reach of its services through its existing website.

They needed a proficient team in conversion optimization and user experience to help boost their online marketing efforts, predominantly by using pop-up ads and other strategic methods.

After thorough evaluation and analysis, we embarked on a meticulous planning and execution phase, working closely with Pathways LA to grasp their unique operations and specific needs.

Our strategies included a comprehensive audit for conversion optimization, redesigning multiple vital elements, and installing strategically placed pop-ups.

About Pathways LA

Pathways LA has been a leading Resource and Referral childcare agency in Metro Los Angeles for over 45 years. With a data and innovation-driven model, their experts provide a continuum of care that supports parents, childcare providers, community partners, and policymakers.

Moreover, their Strategic Plan is a blueprint of their vision: to strengthen low-income and vulnerable families and promote high-quality early care and economically resilient communities.

Their vision for children in Los Angeles begins by paving the way for a bright future. They do this by creating an inclusive framework in all areas: Children, Families and the Community, Child Care Providers, and Pathways LA.

Higher Brand Awareness

Pathways LA contacted us, wishing more clients could reach them through their website. Our inherent proficiency in conversion optimization fueled our journey with Pathways LA.

Our expert team takes pride in its ability to drive necessary amendments that ensure optimized client results.

Their priority was offering a much easier user experience that would direct families to apply for free child care, which would help increase their applications and overall brand awareness so people could better understand what they do and how they can help.

What we did

  • Conducted a comprehensive “A to Z” audit of the entire website to identify areas creating roadblocks in the conversion process.
  • Presented our findings and, upon obtaining approval, implemented as many meaningful improvements to the website as possible.
  • Undertook redesigns of multiple key elements including the header and the front-page welcome section.
  • Ran a content audit on the site and rewrote crucial copy on landing pages (like the homepage) to boost engagement, retention, and conversions.
  • Designed and integrated a conditional popup system to encourage more opt-ins via web forms.
  • Mapped out strategies for better funnel structure, outlining the visitor journey from discovery to outreach.

Every effective project begins with an in-depth exploration phase, and our collaboration with Pathways LA was no exception. During this crucial period, we closely examined their specific needs and identified the key requirements for the website transformation.

By maintaining transparent communication and constant collaboration, we ensured the alignment and quality consistency of the project at every stage. The result was a customized conversion-optimized solution that exceeded Pathways LA’s expectations.