Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Case Study

Equipping Heggerty’s Website with WooCommerce and Customer-Friendly Features

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Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, a renowned educational organization, turned to CoSpark, seeking an expansive and innovative overhaul of their existing website. They required a team of WooExperts and WordPress developers capable of not just enhancing but radically transforming their WooCommerce platform.

We delved into a meticulous planning and execution phase, working closely with Heggerty to understand their unique business model and specific needs. Our work included creating a custom hierarchy for managing organizations, locations, and customers, enhancing order processing, implementing pre-built integrations like ShipStation and QuickBooks, and even crafting direct SQL queries for custom reports.

Beyond the traditional boundaries of WooCommerce, we pushed the envelope by optimizing the site’s performance, innovating on existing plugins, integrating with 3rd party services, and much more. Our ongoing partnership with Heggerty not only includes the continuous release of new features but also positions us as their technology consultant, guiding them through future innovation and growth.

About Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Heggerty is an educational organization dedicated to equipping teachers with effective, engaging products and tactics for creating life-long readers in their classrooms. Their website allows teachers, parents, tutors, and educators to find the literary and phonological resources they need.

Most notably, Heggerty offers set curriculums in both English and Spanish. These curriculums focus on phonemic awareness in grades pre-K through K. They sell alphabet charts, daily lesson videos, flashcards, and more. Their website also releases case studies, interviews, and other news related to literary education.

Creating a More User-Friendly, Advanced Website

Heggerty approached us shortly after launching their new website, realizing it wasn’t meeting their desired functional capabilities. The limitations stemmed from their original development team’s restricted expertise in WooCommerce and back-end functionalities. Recognizing this gap, Heggerty enlisted CoSpark’s proven proficiency in WooCommerce and WordPress.

We didn’t merely take over; we reinvented. Addressing their immediate needs was our starting point, but we also strategized for future scalability and innovation. Our collaboration transformed Heggerty’s online platform, maximizing WooCommerce’s potential and ensuring it could evolve alongside their growing business requirements.

What we did

  • Adding an AST plugin to manage shipment tracking numbers and order statuses
  • Integrating the website with QuickBooks online
  • Generating more thorough sales reports for the finance department
  • Integrating the website with Avalara for taxes and tax-exempt certificate collection
  • Integrating with ShipStation to better fulfill print orders
  • Setting up a better method for email communication with customers
  • Creating an integrated WooCommerce order processing system for all orders from websites, phone calls, and emails.
  • Implementing Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types to manage Heggerty’s unique hierarchies and add custom data to orders.
  • Augmenting functionality for order entry using WooCommerce’s Phone Orders plugin.
  • Setting up product bundle options including Print and Digital Subscription products.
  • Enabling pre-orders for Heggerty’s product launches.
  • Establishing Single Sign-On capability using Clever and Classlink for teachers.
  • Tailoring the email templates and adding more templates based on specific digital products and users.
  • Expanding WooCommerce LearnDash Group Registration for better management of Group Leaders.
  • Enhancing payment by Purchase Orders to ask for more detailed information.
  • Crafting custom reporting tools to meet the team’s requirements using direct SQL queries for superior performance.
  • Creating an online ‘Request a Quote’ feature that allows staff and customers to generate and approve quotes that then seamlessly integrate with order processing.
  • Working with custom plugins for unique third-party service integrations such as logistics and custom teacher apps.
  • Establishing Single Sign-On with third-party custom app for teachers thereby streamlining user management.
  • Developing a detailed customer user registration process to gather necessary data before checkout.
  • Forming custom integrations with Marketo for transactional emails and MixPanel for tracking store and app usage.
  • Extending the capabilities of the Stripe plugin for “Bulk Capture” feature usage.
  • Regular data conversions to adapt to changing subscription product prices and to combine subscriptions for a more comprehensive access subscription package.

Like every successful project, our engagement with Heggerty began with a comprehensive discovery phase. During this crucial stage, we delved into the intricacies of their unique requests and identified the website’s core requirements. This meticulous approach allowed us to build a shared understanding of the project’s goals and constraints.

With a clear roadmap established, we transitioned into the development phase, where we crafted and implemented the necessary features tailored to Heggerty’s needs. Our transparent communication and constant collaboration with the client ensured that quality and alignment were maintained at every step of the project. The result was a customized WooCommerce solution that met and exceeded Heggerty’s expectations.

We learned so much from CoSpark. From the first project, they were quite smart. They built a design language, and it was a balanced not an extreme solution.
Phil Jackson, Director at Heggerty