Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Case Study

Equipping Heggerty’s Website with WooCommerce and Customer-Friendly Features

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Heggerty Phonemic Awareness approached us with a request: they needed help implementing a long list of features, upgrades, and maintenance tasks for their brand new website. They needed a team that knew WooCommerce well and that could equip the website with optimizations for online shopping and customer experiences.

CoSpark joined the project as a team of WooExperts and website developers. Our familiarity with WordPress, and its e-commerce capabilities, allowed us to release a wide range of new features on the new Heggerty website. To this day, we work with Heggerty to continue rolling out new functions.

About Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Heggerty is an educational organization dedicated to equipping teachers with effective, engaging products, as well as tactics for creating life-long readers in their classrooms. Their website is a place for teachers, parents, tutors, and educators of all kinds to find the literary and phonological resources they need.

Most notably, Heggerty offers set curriculums in both English and Spanish. These curriculums focus on phonemic awareness in grades pre-K through K. They sell alphabet charts, daily lesson videos, flashcards, and more. Their website also releases case studies, interviews, and other news related to literary education.

Creating a More User-Friendly, Advanced Website

Heggerty had a brand new website when they approached us, but they needed it to offer more features. Their original development team had limited back-end and WooCommerce experience, and this had left their website lacking in capabilities.

Once Heggerty partnered with CoSpark, we took over their website’s development, maintenance, and continual improvement. We took the time to work through the client’s long list of requests.

What we did

  • Adding an AST plugin to manage shipment tracking numbers and order statuses
  • Integrating the website with QuickBooks online
  • Generating more thorough sales reports for the finance department
  • Integrating the website with Avalara for taxes and tax-exempt certificate collection
  • Integrating with ShipStation to better fulfill print orders
  • Setting up a better method for email communication with customers

As with all of our clients, we got the ball rolling via an in-depth discovery phase. We were able to learn more about these requests, as well as break down the website’s most important requirements.

After the discovery phase, we moved into developing and implementing the necessary features for Heggerty. We researched their needs and communicated with them along the way, ensuring quality and understanding at every step of the project.

We learned so much from CoSpark. From the first project, they were quite smart. They built a design language, and it was a balanced not an extreme solution.
Phil Jackson, Director at Heggerty