Discovery Cube Connect

Case Study

Creating a Nationally Recognized Learning Platform for Discovery Cube Connect


When Discovery Cube Orange County approached CoSpark, they were looking for a way to expand their reach and help students across the country. They requested building a new platform for “Discovery Cube Connect”, which would function both as a learning platform and as an authoritative resource.

CoSpark helped design and develop a new “e-learning” website for Discovery Cube. We successfully crafted a brand new platform on WordPress and WooCommerce that granted Discovery Cube new e-learning functions, better methods for organizing resources, and a “membership” feature.

About Discovery Cube Connect

Discovery Cube Connect is an educational platform that strives to provide innovative resources for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students. From child-friendly space activities to interviews with real experts, Discovery Cube Connect’s content makes learning at home easy. As they have grown, Discovery Cube Connect has looked for new ways to promote “optimism in education,” including building a platform that would allow for more widespread access to their resources.

Building an Innovative Solution

We approached Discovery Cube’s request with powerful brainstorming and skill. With our team’s skills, we worked to build a website that allowed members to sign up, then view educational content and post reviews. The design was inspired by Disney+ and other streaming services, but we stuck to Discovery Cube’s brand at the core.

Our goal was to build a platform that allowed members to:

  • Create an account
  • Manage their settings/profile
  • Make payments via debit and/or credit cards
  • Engage with hundreds of educational features
  • Leave reviews/feedback

Simultaneously, we worked to create a platform that was optimized for search engines, secure, high-performing, and automatically backed up.

What we did

The CoSpark process with Discovery Cube included:

  • A research and design phase in which we jumpstarted the project.
  • A development stage in which we kicked off the technical side of the process.
  • A testing element so that we could provide quality assurance.
  • Mobile device optimization.
  • Deployment across the client’s desired domain.