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Why WooCommerce is The Best Choice for eCommerce Sites

January 22, 2016

Pop online to do some shopping and there’s a good chance that the store you’re browsing is powered by WooCommerce. With over 30% of stores running off of WooCommerce, the eCommerce giant continues to develop and innovate, giving users an even better reason to choose the platform. These enhancements, open source opportunities, and features edge out competitors. Utilize their tools with the help of a web development firm certified by WooThemes and you’re on your way to success! Here are some of the top reasons on why WooCommerce is the leading choice for eCommerce sites.

Integrations and Support for Leading Payment and Shipping Vendors

Trying to manage the same data across multiple platforms manually can be an extremely time-consuming process. Not only is it a waste of time, the element of human data entry means there’s a much greater chance of errors. When it comes to selling products and shipping goods, errors prove to be extremely costly mistakes. You name it, and WooCommerce most likely works with the payment gateway or shipping provider. PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net are just some of the leading compatible vendors shop owners can use.

Always Be Up and Running

Outages are undoubtedly the easiest way to lose potential sales and customers. Shoppers that come to your site to find that it’s down aren’t likely to wait around and hope that you come back soon. They’ll pursue other vendors and place their order there. Should they decide to come back and try again, a majority of users will question the security and safety of their information with your company. While you, WooCommerce and your developers know that the security of information and uptime aren’t typically related, this is a high level of knowledge expectation for a customer.

WooCommerce offers a partner theme, Storefront, which addresses uptime and aims to promote a seamless and consistent experience for shoppers. Have a professional web developer that specializes in WordPress and WooThemes products install Storefront and customize it to your shop’s needs. This attractive WooThemes offering paired with their experience puts your site in favorable conditions for minimal downtime. Talk with your web development firm to see if they offer maintenance services for WordPress on a monthly basis. Investing in these offerings means that a professional always has their eye on your site and makes security and software updates on time. Should the unthinkable happen and your site go down, you can rest easy knowing experts are bringing it back up to speed.

Sell Any Type of Product

WooCommerce is also unique in the sense that it can readily accommodate all types of products. Clothing stores and supply stores that have a broad range of SKUs will love the detailed setup configurations provided. Each of your different sizes and colors of a style have their own SKU, which can be organized to display under a single product. Have your clients select a size and/or color before checkout with ease and enjoy the simple flow into your order management system. Virtually all e-commerce options can handle this, but the magic is within the customization options and smart configurations that developers can make on the back end for your system.

WooCommerce is especially appealing to entrepreneurs that sell digital products or subscription services. Their flexible open sourced platform offers ways to do this with ease. You won’t be forced to mold around a cookie cutter setup. Instead, get the pleasure of using one that seems like it was built just for you.

The WordPress-based platform offers extreme flexibility, security, and integrations that make it a no-brainer for online sellers. Leverage the platform to your advantage and bring a professional web developer into the mix and the product will practically sell itself!

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