What You’re Paying for During Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Help address one of the most frequently asked question about Search Engine Optimization, what am I exactly paying for? It is often hard for people to understand why they should be paying a professional company to do SEO for them when some kid down the street says he can do it for 1/10 of the cost. Conceptually SEO is simple, but when you actually start doing the leg-work you realize it’s requires a lot more then putting a bunch of keywords in your content, titles, and anchor text.

Site Architecture and Comprehensive SEO:

This is where we carefully analyze the current site architectural problems, and work towards making each existing page search engine friendly.
Hours Required:
10-15 Hours but this factor is dependent on the size of the entire website.

Keyword Discovery:

Where we utilize all the tools in our arsenal to discover your businesses target keywords, locate your most important pages to optimize and create an plan to achieve higher rankings.
Hours Required:
5-10 hours are allocated to discover the core terms, then an extra 30 minutes to hour to discover page specific long-tail keywords.

Online Optimization:

Now this is where we start to directly work on your website. We work on optimizing the content one-page at at time by adjusting your titles, keyword location, h1 and other tags and clean up the coding.
Hours Required:
1-3 hours per page is usually required.

Improve Further:

After we’ve gone through your entire site and optimized every page we will spend time every monthly to go over your Analytics Data to discover new trends and methods to optimize the site. We will also give recommendations to help users navigate your site easier, convert more toward your end-goal, and any other aspects we feel will improve your business.
Hours Required:
5-10 hours are allocated to this task every month.

Link Building:

We will continually be searching for linking opportunities from other websites.
Hours Required:
This depends on your goals and budget.

Social Media:

We recommend most companies allow us to manage their social media involvement so that we can properly harness the benefits from these resources.
Hours Required:
This depends on your goals and budget.

Analytics and Testing:

We will set you up with an analytics software that will help provide metrics to see the effects of our SEO work! This would be involved with our monthly based work. If you and your company are interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization please contact us.

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