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What Happens When Websites Aren’t Updated Frequently?

So you spent an incredible amount of time working with web developers and designers to build the perfect website for your business, and now it’s finally up and running! It’s a great feeling to know that your business is accurately represented on the web. Now you have a chance to breathe and wait for the business to roll in…right? Not exactly. Even though your website doesn’t need any serious updates, adding fresh content to your website should always be a priority of yours. A website that isn’t updated frequently will start to sink in search engine rankings, be less appealing to customers and worse – no longer be a valuable resource. Here’s everything you need to know about updating your website.

SEO and Website Updates

Google and various other search engines have complicated algorithms that judge every aspect of a website before it’s ranked within their results. Some of the most important factors include unique content, well written code and consistent updates. By working with a pro for your website’s construction, you’ll have all of your ducks in a row for a neatly built behind the scenes. Meeting with a website copywriter or taking the time to write your own content for your business will ensure the content is unique and meaningful. The final piece is consistent updates. When a website goes stagnant, Google assumes that its purpose or offerings are no longer relevant to potential searchers. A dead website could mean a local bakery that had shut its doors a few months ago, or a website that wanted to bring awareness to an event that has come and gone. If you don’t update your website, search engines will assume a similar situation. Combat this by updating your website to feature new products, testimonials or post something on your blog. It will help you with SEO and your customers will love the new info.customers

Customers Go Elsewhere

Your website should be an online hub for everything that’s going on in your business. Have a new collection of clothing for the upcoming cool weather? Great! That’s a perfect reason to update your website and let your customers know front and center about the new products. Potential customers come to your website to see if your business is in line with the expectations they have in their head. If they can’t find the information they need, they will wind up looking on your competitor’s sites. Alternatively, if they come to your website to find that the information is outdated, it’s reasonable to assume that you aren’t the right fit for them. Meet with the creator of your website and learn how to make simple updates to the site for yourself. This will give you the power to update and the security that you won’t be losing customers while waiting for someone to update your site or by not making the updates at all.

update-websiteBest Ways to Update

A blog is your greatest asset to updating your website. Businesses in all different industries can utilize a blog, just get creative on what you think would work best for yours. Focus on sharing knowledge and talking about topics that are relevant to the type of client you would want to attract. When a consumer is informed, they’re more likely to buy and feel good about their decision. If the information comes from your business, they will buy from your business. For when product updates or knowledge isn’t a possibility, talk about company happenings or initiatives. Your blog can even be a great place to reach out and get the opinions of your customers.

Don’t let your beautiful website collect dust and slip through search engine rankings. Make an effort to update your site at least a few times a month to get all of the benefits your business deserves. Your customers will reward you for it!

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