Use KPIs To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

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It is easy to launch a website and get all the best KPIs (key performance indicators) to work with it but the hard part is to make effective use of it. Many businesses are present on digital platforms and are uploading amazing content. However, what they fail to do is to measure the circleeffectiveness of their content marketing strategy which leads to wasted data and opportunity. Let’s take a look at the best KPIs that will help you create more engaging and attractive content.

Measure Your Website’s Conversion Rate

So your content marketing strategy worked out and has helped you gain massive sales. However, you did not focus on measuring the conversion rate and end up wasting important leads. That’s the reason it is extremely important to track your website’s visitors and the reason that they purchased from you. You need to monitor the following information:

  • How many new visitors purchased from you or visited your website
  • Which page or content grabbed the most attention
  • What was the content
  • Why did a particular content work well

By monitoring and measuring your website’s conversion rate, you will be able to focus on the things that worked for you and dump the strategies that didn’t.

Find out what Worked for a Particular Post or Content

You used Google Analytics and with its help you found out that your website attracted massive number of visitors. Without getting into the details, you assumed that your content marketing strategy was a success. However, it is not necessary that the visitors are interested in the entire site. It is important to find out which content did visitors view the most and why was it a big hit?

kpi-effectivenessFor example, you posted a blog about hair growth and hundreds of visitors liked it or viewed it. You will start to say that our blog worked. However, you should find out what did the visitors like exactly. Did they like a particular product that you mentioned or they liked the post because of the topic? Tracking the exact information and reason for success is extremely important for creating similar content in the future.

You also need to know whether the content was posted by an influential person or was it promoted on good websites. This information is vital for creating a perfect content marketing strategy for your business.

Track different Metrics (Google AdWords and Analytics)

Tracking metrics are a must if you want to get real insight about your content marketing strategy’s success or failure. You can use Google Adwords or Google Analytics to measure the impact of your marketing strategy by tracking the number of unique visitors, old visitors, conversion rate, how customers find you, and how your website or content ranks on search engines. You also need to create SEO strategies to get better rank on search engines, which is an effective technique to be on top spots on search engines.

Keep up with the change by measuring and monitoring your strategies and its impact through different metrics and technologies. This is the only way you can make your business successful.

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