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Improve Your Chances of Success with an Email Newsletter Checklist

May 16, 2012

We’ve realized when we get into the depths of creating an Email Newsletter, we can often overlook certain aspects. These things can be very little but can also play an unnoticeable large role in the success of the campaign. This is why we’ve created this check-list:

1. Attention grabbing subject line

Don’t have a dull, boring subject line, otherwise you’ll have very low opening and read rates. There are so many different ways to create a Attention Grabbing headline … You can either just get creative with it, do some testing through Adwords or even hire a good Copywriter.

2. Show some personality

Grabbing attention doesn’t stop with just the headline, it continues into the body of your email. You have to show that there are real people behind the business. There are multiple ways to do this and obviously you have to find the way that suits you. You can add personal touch to your writing, provide fun photos or updates on the status of the business.

3. Make it visual

We always advocate a more content heavy newsletter but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide some eye candy. This could play into our previous point of adding personality by adding pictures of your office, personnel, etc…

4. Promotions or Purpose

Answer the simple question of why should people read this newsletter? Make it clear what the purpose of the newsletter is Promotional or Informational, state whether it’s for a free-trial, promotion or a whitepaper.

5. Tell them how they got on here and how they can get off!

Make sure the readers don’t feel lost about why they’re receiving your emails. The clearer you make it how they signed up or got on the list, the more comfortable your users will feel. Services like Mailchimp and ConstantContact make sure this information is present by making it mandatory.

Another helpful feature next to the information of how they got on the list is how to get off the list. You’ll always run into people that don’t want to be on the email list, so you would rather have them unsubscribe then mark it as spam.

6. Provide links to your website and actual newsletter

Not all email clients are made the same. People viewing from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail might see something different than people on their phone. Provide a link that allows the reader to view the newsletter in a browser.

Don’t forget to provide links to your website. Don’t simply provide them a link to your homepage but links to content that is relevant to the newsletter.

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