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CodeIgniter Framework: Should I use it?

When I first looking for a framework solution to build some PHP web applications on, I searched for an option that had inherent simplicity and that was well documented with the support of forums and wikis. In my first search I came across a Wikipedia entry on comparison of web application frameworks. This left me in a state of quandary in the midst of all the options, data, reviews, and comments. So I did what any programmer would do, I turned to my buddies that had used some frameworks before, which lead me to CodeIgniter. I know this isn’t probably the best method, but I figured this way I had someone I could directly talk to instead of having to sort through a bunch of search queries and forum posts.

Although, I don’t want to sway you guys towards that framework because of my choice to stay near my friends, so I wanted to included a few links that I feel will be helpful.
An Overview of PHP Framework Guides for Developers – Great introductory guide
Kohana vs Cake vs Zend vs CodeIgniter vs Symfony
– Simple Review of the 5
CodeIgniter vs CakePHP – Moderately detailed guide comparing both.

In case you decide to follow my path and go with CodeIgniter, be aware that it doesn’t have an Object Relational Mapping. But then you have to ask yourself if or why you would need it, and to answer that here are two instructive posts:
Why should you use an ORM?
Why I Do Not Use ORM

My experience of CodeIgniter has been pleasant with only a few complaints which is the lack of a decent forum add-on unless you want to link up with Vanilla Forums through the CL module, and not having an ORM even though it hasn’t inhibited me much.

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