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Benefits of Using Crocoblock for WordPress

June 29, 2020

Web development has come a long way in the last decade or so. There was a time when you had to find seasoned CSS and PHP writers to get your website developed. Even with weeks-long turnarounds, the final web page didn’t have the dynamics, agility, and responsiveness that have become staple features of modern webpages.

The popularity of WordPress (WP) as CMS and then free domain provider and web builder changed the game altogether. It enabled everyone to create their own webpages without needing any expertise in programming languages. The early WP pages had very basic design and limited features. This changed with the arrival of Elementor— a drag and drop page builder that allows users to design their WP pages like any exclusively developed website.

The combination of WordPress and Elementor has facilitated the ongoing boom of e-commerce. Elementor needs plugins to employ them on the WP web page. This requirement has created an entire industry of WP plugin subscription services. For one of those subscription services called Crocoblock, we have written this prologue. Crocoblock is a set of tools that you need on WordPress and Elementor to create kickass web pages.

Before we move on to discuss the particular benefits of using Crocoblock for WordPress, let’s look at what’s included in its subscription package.

An Overview of What Crocoblock Offers

Elementor doesn’t work in a vacuum to make responsive websites with full of features. Whether you want to set up a comprehensive e-commerce store or looking for curating an Instagram-like lifestyle blog, you need a host of elements to use on Elementor.  Crocoblock provides those elements so you can make the most of WordPress’s hassle-free web building features.

Jet Plugin

Jet Plugins are WordPress plugins that allow you to add design elements and functionality to your website. It is important to mention here that you can buy different Jet Plugins as standalone WP products. However, you can also get them in a complete set with a Crocoblock subscription.

These different plugins help you in setting up different types of websites without getting into the mishmash of coding. For instance, Jet WooBuilder primarily consists of widgets, layouts, and carousels through which you can set up an e-commerce website. Jet Elements is a more comprehensive plugin of web elements and can be used for putting up almost any type of website.


In today’s time, a website should have its unique visual personality to get required online traction. Otherwise, it will continue to record low traffic and a higher bounce-off rate. The Skins section of Crocoblock lets you give your website the desired makeover.

For now, Crocoblock is offering almost 50 skins. All these skins have used different color palettes and follow a particular theme.  A skin for gourmet bakery has a considerably different design than a skin designed for setting up auto blogs.

Magic Button

This is one of the most distinctive features of Crocoblock and makes it stand apart among other sets of WP and Elementor web building tools. The Magic Button represents a library with hundreds of ready-to-use pieces of content and website elements. This button allows you to customize and make your own design while using header, footer sections, parallax, and counter blocks of your choice.

You don’t have to tear apart an existing template to make it work. Just use a single button to get everything that you need from Crocoblock’s assorted media library.

Benefits of Using Crocoblock for WordPress

The above Crocoblock overview has already underlined the beneficial aspect of using Crocoblock for WordPress. Nonetheless, it is important to discuss the exact benefits of using Crocoblock, especially for all those people who are searching for top add-ons for Elementor.

1. No Coding Required

Programming languages are not easy to learn, and acing them to create a fluid webpage is even more difficult. That’s the reason web designing and hosting remained limited to a handful of professionals for most of the Internet age. WP’s ready-made plugins like Crocoblock have changed the game when it comes to setting up a detailed, design-heavy website.

Crocoblock allows you to use all the elements of modern web design without going to the backend of things. For instance, if you want to add a new widget on your webpage, you don’t need an expert to write a code for you. Just drag and drop a pre-coded and pre-designed widget from the Crocoblock’s database and make it part of your WP website through Elementor Page Builder.

2. Offers Live Page Building

Gone are the days when you had to write an entire code before executing it as a web page or any of its elements. This long-drawn-out process of creation dissuades users from experimenting with website designs. The arrival of tools like Crocoblock and Elementor has powered users to have as many design trials of their website as possible.

Crocoblock is perfectly compatible with Elementor’s live page building feature. This agility makes web development a truly immersive and flexible experience. Whatever additions, omissions, or replacements you make on a web page while creating it on Elementor and using tools from the Crocoblock’s toolkit, you can see them as you make them.

WordPress experts are in agreement that this smooth live building of the website has reduced the downtime in getting a new website online. The other great thing about this live web building is that you don’t have to compromise on any functional or design element.

3. Features a Repository of Web Elements

Crocoblock boasts a library of pre-designed templates, skins, and content sections. This ever-growing database of design and web elements makes Crocoblock a one-window solution for WordPress pages. These pre-styled templates cover all the contemporary topics around which you might need to build your website.

Below are some of the reasons why we think this repository of templates is the best thing you can get for your WordPress web development.

a) You Can Use them with any WP Theme

You are not bound to use Crocoblock templates, skins, and content blocks only on Crocoblock’s own WP theme (Kava). The developers of Crocoblock have made sure that you can use its elements with any of your existing WordPress themes and plugins without making any changes to them. This quality comes in useful for all those users who want to make visual and functional changes to an already running website without tearing it apart.

b) Easy to Access and Use

For all those people who are not working with a seasoned WordPress development agency, it is never easy to use third-party tools to boost the function and design of their websites. Retrieving a template or one section from a library and then integrating it into a page seems like overwork for those who haven’t designed a site before.

Crocoblock has also taken care of this issue in its working interface. When you use Crocoblock on the Elementor Page Builder, you get a Magic Button from where you can drag and drop every template, skin, header, footer, or content block within a couple of clicks.

c) Editable Content-Featured Sections

A design only becomes functional when it is accompanied by the right content. Crocoblock also helps WP users on this front. Its library contains thousands of content sections covering multitudes of topics. All these text blocks are editable, so you can twist and tweak them for your specific content and SEO needs.

d) A Growing Database

Lastly, this valuable skin, template, content repository is not a static set of data; it’s expanding regularly. Crocoblock updates its library every week and adds new designs while factoring in the ongoing web development trends.

4. Offers Valuable Elementor Add-ons

If you want to increase the usability of Elementor while developing your website on WordPress, you will find the entire Jet Plugins section of Crocoblock really helpful. You can build your website for any business or on any topic if you have Crocoblock’s Elementor add-ons at your disposal. As of now, you get 18 different Jet Plugins to use on Elementor.

We are going to give a quick overview of a couple of those plugins and add-ons. This will give you an idea about the usefulness of Crocoblock with Elementor.

Jet Theme Core
As the name suggests, this Jet plugin is the main Elementor add-on of Crocoblock.  For any theme, skin, header, and footer you want to export from Crocoblock, you first need to upload Jet Theme Core on Elementor.

Jet Booking
If your website has to have a booking section, you can streamline its UI and UX with the Jet Booking plugin. By using this add-on, you can make an easy-to-use booking page without experimenting with a single line of code.

Jet Woobuilder
WordPress WooCommerce lets users make their websites for online stores. This Crocoblock plugin has been designed for all those users setting up e-commerce stores. Jet Woobuilder is used to build shop and product page templates with a list of dynamic widgets. The use of Jet Woobuilder on your WP-hosted e-commerce page will improve the shopping experience of your customers.

Jet Appointment
If you run a managed service enterprise and want to ensure that its website looks the part, then Jet Appointment plugin is worth a try. You can also use it for websites where you want users to make appointments in a hassle-free manner.

There are 14 more such Jet plugins that you can to devise websites for almost any purpose and that too while working within the Elementor page-building environment.

5. Helps in Creating Fully Responsive Designs

Today, you can’t rank your website on the first page of Google for relevant search queries if it doesn’t have a responsive web design. Crocoblock understands the importance of having a responsive web design and thus also helps you in creating one. To begin with, the agility and real-time output of Elementor Page Builder allows you to see how a page looks on different devices.

Secondly, and more importantly, most of the design and content elements offered by Crocoblock have responsive margins, padding, and gaps. This means you don’t have to put in any extra effort to make your WP webpage responsive.

6. Works Well With WooCommerce Page Templates

Ask any WordPress development agency, and they would tell you that that the majority of their clients run e-commerce stores. There is no doubt that the ongoing development of WordPress owes a lot of it to the e-commerce business expansion. Crocoblock also facilitates Elementor users who are working on the WooCommerce plugin of WP.

You can use Crocoblock’s headers, footers, and other elements on both the Single Product page and Shop page of the WooCommerce template to make your e-store website more dynamic and in line with your branding.

How Much Is Crocoblock Subscription and What Includes in It?

Before we sign off, it is important to tell you these important details. As mentioned earlier, Crocoblock comes in a subscription model. You can either opt for annual or lifetime subscriptions. These are the services you get when you sign up for Crocoblock services.

  • Access to all plugins and Kava theme for Elementor
  • Access to all the skins and page and section templates
  • All updates for plugins, skins, and templates
  • Premium support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

The yearly fee to use all plugins for unlimited websites is $229. You can also convert it into a lifetime package by paying one-time charges of $499. Crocoblock also offers sets of multiple plugins for a single website under different packages names.  For instance, you can get an E-commerce subscription plan for a single website at $69 per year.

Final Thoughts

WordPress has become one of the biggest platforms for internet users to create their websites and develop them without getting into the exhausting backend details. However, you can’t make the most of the web-building features of WordPress if you are not using the right set of plugins, templates, and a page builder. By getting a Crocoblock subscription for Elementor, you can make your WP website stand apart among peers.

For more guidance on WP development and the best use of Crocoblock, get in touch with any seasoned WordPress development agency.

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