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Attention! Attention! The key to success in Email Marketing

In the everyday hustle people already occupied with activities that require their Attention! Just take a second to consider all the different activities trying to get your attention: work that must be done, the TV shows that can’t be missed, the emails that are vital and the websites to read. People now more than ever have too many things to do, with limited time to do them.

Everyone that does marketing for a living knows that people’s time is limited, which means their attention is limited. Which is why people have to prioritize what they’ll be spending their time or attention on, which is why they have filters that distinguish what they care about and don’t. So the best way to grab a small sliver of attention is to get around their filters.

As you try to grab someone’s attention, remember that you’re not the only one in the world trying to do so. So when you’re trying to send emails to someone, they also have a dozen more emails like yours trying to grab their attention. If you want to be noticed, learn what your competitors are doing, learn what non-competing businesses are doing and find a way to grab their attention that different and more interesting than the alternatives.

You’ll have to realize this early on that if people don’t care what you’re doing, it’s worthless marketing to them. Along with this realize, discover who’s attention you’re trying to grab and how you want to grab their attention. You could easily grab everyone attention by being the crazy guy who yells at a college campus or the high-end business who provides people with undeniably great white papers about industry problems.

So in the end you want to earn attention of people that will actually buy, and by doing so build your business instead of wasting your time and money on unnecessary attention grabbers to irrelevant crowds.

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