Advance SEO: Automate Backlink Data Collection

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I will automate any task that has the possibility of being automated. That’s why when I’m performing link building, I prefer to automate any tasks that don’t require a human touch such as Backlink Data collection. With the tools I’ll provide you with, you shouldn’t have trouble finding backlink data on almost any website out there.

The simplest and most common method is to use the “LinkDomain:” operator in Google. This doesn’t list everything, so I would suggest using it with the other sources I list.

The next most commonly used route is Yahoo! Site Explorer. Generous enough to offer this service for free, it will provide you with 1,000 links per page/domain. One drawback is it won’t tell you if its follow or no-follow.

The third one I like to use is by the people at SEOmoz – Open Site Explorer . This will provide you data such as page authority, domain authority, a count of linking root domains, and total links (followed, no-follow, and 301’s). The only drawback is that it will only provide you a few for free, the rest you have to pay for.

These sources are a good starting point to automate part of your SEO strategy.

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