7 Welcome Emails that will Perk your Sales Up

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7 Welcome Emails that will Perk your Sales Up

Sales is all about getting customers to buy your product or avail of your service. Everyone knows this. What most sales professionals forget, however, is that to close a sale, it’s necessary to go through several stages. First of which is getting your customers interested in your products and services. Simultaneously, your company must endeavor to introduce itself to your potential customers.

Email Marketing for a Higher ROI

There are many ways to do this and email marketing is one of the best tools out there. Don’t believe those who say that email marketing is a goner with the advent of social media. Statistics show that email marketing is here to stay for good. According to a survey by Salesforce Marketing Cloud that involved 5,000 marketers, 73% of marketers say that email marketing is essential to their business. They believe that email marketing is their messiah in the face of competition and that it can yield higher return of investment for them. For 69.7% of US internet users, email is the favored means of communicating with businesses.

This begs the question, how do you make your email marketing strategy work? One of the answers to this comes in a simple yet very potent email marketing tool – welcome emails!

How Welcome Emails Propel your Business to Greater Heights

There is simply no sure formula to success. However, there are a lot of proven techniques to get you there. In our long years of experience as digital marketing and web development expert, we’ve seen how powerful a simple welcome email can be in terms of increasing one’s sales. Its impact cannot be felt in an instant but overtime, they build the foundation for a stronger network of loyal customers who were converted from being registered users to avid subscribers.

Once you are able to win your subscribers’ appreciation of your company and what you can offer, your ball of success begins to roll.

How to Formulate Welcome Emails that will Impale your Rivals

Setting up a welcome email is easy. However, it takes creativity and ingenuity to create one that is catchy enough to lure your potential customers into becoming your company’s devoted fans. Here are some examples worth emulating:

1. Let your readers know what they can get out of signing up

Make your readers feel that they made the right decision of signing up with your company. Let them know of the perks that they can enjoy for being subscribers. Here’s a good example of a welcome message with an appealing “perk’s list” from Flood Magazine. More than simply welcoming you and introducing the company, they made their loyal customers see what they can expect from them- rewards!

flood magazine

2. Make it easy for your readers.

Your readers will get frustrated if you load your welcome message with a lot of information that can get them confused. Make the process easy for them like what Goodreads did with their knock out welcome email:


3. Increase your online visibility by adding social media buttons.

Maximize the use of your welcome email to get users to follow your social media account and receive more updates. Add links directing users to your blog, Twitter or Facebook like what thus British department store did:

british department store

4. Move your users to action. Provide them with incentives.

Nowadays, competition will suck your business up if you don’t know to provide your customers with something that your rivals can’t. One way to encourage people to prefer you over the rest is to provide them with incentives. Coupon codes found in welcome emails is one way to move your users to act. Here’s one from Lonely Planet:

lonely planet

5. Use powerful images and a warm, genuine tone in sending your message across.

Nothing beats a sincere welcome be it from a long-time friend or a stranger. Coupled with a relevant and high-quality image depicting what your company is all about, you can win the hearts of your users just like how Hotel Chocolat did:

hotel chocolat

6. Be mindful of branding.

Not all welcome emails should be cool and funky. You need to take into consideration the image that you want to project about your company. Here’s a good sample of what branding is all about when it comes to welcome emails – a classy and elegant message from Tiffany & Co.


7. Offer a deal. Give discounts

To make your readers feel how valuable they are to you, offer them a deal after signing up. You can provide them with discounts too. This way, you are not just welcoming, you are also calling for action. Look at how effectively this welcome message from Gap encourages you to move:


At the end of the day, however, you call the shots. These welcome emails are just something you can draw inspiration from. Personalize and make your welcome email something that you would like to receive as a customer!

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