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22 Global Brands that Use WordPress

January 27, 2021

There is no content management platform bigger and better than WordPress. As of today, WordPress is powering around 40% of all the websites that exist on the map of the World Wide Web. Despite having such a prolific profile, there is a general misconception that WordPress is not a suitable CRM for large organizations.

People with this opinion can’t offer a solid argument to support their view. For many, the free and open-source nature of WordPress is why it’s not a perfect match for large, commercially driven corporate projects. It might have been true for any other online platform or digital solution. However, that’s not the case with WordPress.

Several conglomerates and famous brands use WordPress to power their web presence. It is important to note that these large corporations don’t face budget and resource constraints. Their digital marketing departments can easily afford the most expensive CMS options available.

In other words, they are not using WordPress because it is “free.” They are sticking with WordPress primarily for its features and functions.

This post is particularly for all those digital marketing managers of large organizations who think WordPress cannot accommodate the scale and scope of their businesses. Here, we will list some well-known global brands and ventures that use WordPress for their digital operations.

22 Global Brands Using WordPress

WordPress is not just a go-to option for individuals launching their websites or SMEs and startups working on a shoestring. Organizations with a worldwide footprint and well-established brand value also bank on WordPress to launch and operate their websites. There are hundreds of global brands that use WordPress.

Since we can’t list and discuss all of them, we have shortlisted 22 global brands from across the corporate spectrum that uses WordPress as their default CMS.

1. Microsoft News

Microsoft is arguably the biggest tech disrupter and innovator of the last 30 years. The company has a strong global presence. Microsoft is one of the few organizations that regularly register revenue north of $100 billion. This tech conglomerate uses WordPress for its news website. The site features a magazine-like homepage that shows new developments and news stories in a mason-style layout.

2. The Walt Disney Company

Commonly known as Disney, the company is a mass media and entertainment conglomerate operating with multiple subsidiaries. Even Disney subsidiaries (Pixar, Disney+, Hulu, etc.) have a reach and scale of a standalone multinational. The company’s website is also built on WordPress with a Disney’s office entrance backdrop and a top bar covering news, career, and other relevant sections.

3. PlayStation

PlayStation has been the most popular and sold gaming console of the last 20 years. All of us have witnessed the hype and traction around its latest release PS 5. PlayStation’s blog section, undoubtedly one of the most visited blogs in the gaming world, uses WordPress.

4. Marks & Spencer

M&S is a UK-based multinational retailer that primarily deals in clothing. Its luxury apparel lines for both men and women are popular across many geographical markets. The company has also forayed into food and home products. M&S has developed a dedicated website for its B2B operations. The “M&S for business” website also uses WordPress to connect this global apparel brand to its affiliates and clients all around the world.

5. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German marque that has a global reputation for making luxury vehicles. The brand has a stylish website that represents the elegance and class of its vehicles. This website also uses WordPress at its backend.

6. Renault

Renault is a French automobile company known for making affordable utility cars. The company is one of the largest automakers in terms of sales volume. Renault’s homepage is also built on WordPress that features a full-width image header and different sections.

7. James Bond 007

The suave and dapper fictional MI6 agent also has his blog running with all the latest from his world. It is important to mention here that it is not some fan-run blog site. The official James Bond blog has an interactive layout with a featured-article slider, social media feed, and non-paginated scrolling.

8. Sony Music

Sony Music is an international record label with hundreds of featured artists. The company also uses WordPress as its CMS. Sony Music’s WordPress website features a header slider that shows everything— from featured artists to bands and albums to SM posts.

9. The New York Times

Even though the New York Times is a US-based newspaper, its readership and opinion-making authority spread worldwide. The company publishing this long-established and dependable news outlet also relies on WordPress’s robust content management features and layout to power its website.

10. Toyota

Toyota is unarguably the largest car manufacturer in the world with a strong presence in every market from Africa to America and Europe to Asia. Toyota has several divisional websites, and many of them use WordPress. For instance, its Brazilian division uses WordPress to build a full-image header slider website that looks quite stunning and promotes the latest Toyota launches in the local market.

11. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is one of the most prolific musical acts of the last century. Many consider them the first band that made the successful transition from pop-rock to hard rock. Not just fans but rock artists all around the world revere it as the pioneers of the contemporary rock genre. The band’s official website is also powered by WordPress.

12. Bata

Bata is a multinational footwear and fashion accessory retailer. This Swiss-domiciled company is more than a hundred years old and has been a household name in many of its target markets spread worldwide. This global footwear brand uses WordPress for its website and extensive e-commerce operations.

13. AMC

AMC is a popular American cable network. The channel has made some of the most-watched shows of the last two decades (e.g., The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul) with a global viewership. The channel’s official website with a full-image header also featuring a section for showtimes uses WordPress.

14. Pluto

Pluto is more of a streaming service that offers its users streaming of 100+ international TV channels and an entire repository of popular shows and internet videos. Pluto’s data-heavy website also banks on WordPress for its worldwide operations.

15. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is among the top travel aggregator sites. It helps travelers and tourists to explore destinations, find hotels, and compare accommodation rates globally. Its blog is undoubtedly the top travel & tour blog that features travel guides, the latest travel trends, and all the content that caters to travelers and tourists. This high-traffic TripAdvisor blog with lots of visual content uses WordPress.

16. Target

Target is a large retail outlet chain with a global footprint. It has a separate division called Pulse to help its potential B2B clients. People and entities interested in joining hands with Target and finding out more about its distribution and store operations have to visit the Pulse’s webpage built on WordPress.

17. BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a tech company known for offering one of the most technologically failsafe solutions. Currently, the company offers secure software solutions to enterprises all over the world. BlackBerry also uses WordPress to power its informative blog section, “Inside BlackBerry.”

18. Katy Perry

The American singer, songwriter, and a global pop icon of the 21st century also has her official website built on WordPress. A full-image header website with a minimalistic layout of Katyperry.com truly represents the versatility of WordPress as a CMS.

19. ETQ Amsterdam

Operating from the Netherlands, this high-end footwear brand offers its products to the international market through an e-commerce platform powered by WordPress and WooCommerce.

20. Variety

Variety is an American media company that publishes one of the most popular prints and online entertainment magazines. Variety Magazine has a paid circulation of over 50,000 and sports a very robust online version. Variety curates and publishes its online version on WordPress.

21. Quartz

Quartz is an international news outlet that primarily covers the global economy. The platform provides updates and insights on markets, businesses, technology, and finance from all over the world. The website’s homepage features a double scroll with a mini left scroll bar showing the latest financial and technology news. This robust website is also built on WordPress.

22. Facebook Newsroom

Facebook has also acknowledged the capability of WordPress as a CMS and uses it to power its website. Facebook Newsroom is where the world’s most popular social media platform publishes its announcements and news. This website also has a top story section and blog list layout.

Key Takeaways

The above list provides some key takeaways about the use of WordPress as a CMS. These takeaways also bust many myths and misconceptions about the platform.

Can Serve Every Industry across the Spectrum

The above list is proof that every venture from any industry and its sub-niche can use WordPress as a CMS. The platform offers equally good form and function irrespective of what an organization publishes and promotes on its WP website. We haven’t covered even one-tenth of the global brands using WordPress. Our list shows some of the biggest names from the automotive, fashion, news, media, and retail industries.

In short, the argument that WordPress only offers a better web solution for particular industries and domains is invalid.

It’s Not About Money

The above list also clarifies one more misconception about WP that it is a CMS choice for struggling small ventures that can’t afford to invest big. Brands like Microsoft, Mercedes, and Facebook are not short of money, logistics, and any type of digital resources. All these global ventures using WordPress is a clear testament to the fact that being free is not the only USP of WordPress. Its features and overall functionality are also some of the best on the block, making it a better option than many paid and premium CMS platforms.

Scalability Is Not an Issue

Many large corporations remain reluctant to use WordPress for their websites because they assume it can’t scale up their web platforms in the future. That’s not the case— as you can see in the list above. WordPress powers some of the most visited websites, handling all the heavy traffic without a snag. Similarly, you can make your WP website as content/feature-heavy as possible without facing any UI/UX issues.

Why WordPress Continues to Reign Supreme?

There are many reasons why WordPress continues to reign supreme among all the CMS platforms for small and large ventures and operations alike.

A Combination of Flexibility with Ease of Use

The best thing about WordPress is you can mold it the way you want— thanks to its hundreds of themes and plugins. That’s why it can be used to build a website for any type of business and organization. Our list also shows this versatility/ flexibility of WordPress where everyone is using it, from tech giants to luxury car manufacturers.

Full Ownership

WordPress lets you have full ownership of every bit of your website. Businesses need to host their WP websites themselves, which offers them complete control of their data. This absolute ownership is a big catch for many organizations that are extra conscious of data leaks, IP thefts, and copyright infringements.

As Scalable as You Want

WordPress offers virtually unlimited scalability. From designing a one-page intro site to a full-fledged news or e-commerce platform catering to hundreds and thousands of eyeballs every day, you can use and scale your WP website in line with your changing requirements, demands, and decisions.

Final Words

The above discussion thoroughly dispels the notion that WordPress is not meant for heavy-duty websites representing conglomerates and brands with global recognition. Any business from any industry can choose WP as its CMS for whatever content it wants to get online. Not just content, you can also use WordPress to run your global e-commerce operations.

Moreover, WP websites can accommodate all sorts of high traffic without sacrificing user experience. All in all, WordPress is an equally suitable option for global brands and conglomerates as it is for small businesses, budding startups, and freelancers.

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