2 Birds 1 Stone: Get Email Marketing and Blog Content Ideas from Online Current Trends

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We all reach (or will reach) a point where we can’t be the sole source of content ideas, which is why we say automate the process instead. At AnnexCore we’re big on system and process optimization, so when we’re absent of ideas, we turn to Trend Tracking!!

With data mining be the latest big deal, data collection has paralleled in growth. All that information through the different forms from articles, discussions, searches, tweeting, liking and the list goes on… My point being that with all this information there is an endless supply of topics to write about. We’re basically revealing how we come up with ideas for blog posts, social media activities and potentially viral SEO content.

  1. Google TrendsGoogle tends to be the first spot people turn to when they have a question. Which is why Google has a good pulse about what the current hottest trends are and they share that information publically.
  2. Trendistic – Interesting tool that’s based on data from multiple social media channels and wide encompassments of blogs. It analyzes and finds trending topics on Twitter, in addition, allows you to compare topics over time periods. (Site is down but we still wanted to show how important it was)
  3. TrendsmapThis tool is also based on Twitter but has a different approach. It provides you with the geographical proximity of posts, letting you know specifically where the trends are occurring.
  4. What The TrendYet another tool based on twitter which shows you what’s currently trending and what trended throughout the day.
  5. Aggregators: Google News, AllTop Mashable News – The first probably needs no introduction but basically you get a wide variety of aggregated news. Alltop hosts the top feeds and sources of content, including their 5 newest posts. Mashable is great for its tech influence.

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