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15 Elementor Add-ons to Make a Dynamic WordPress Website

July 27, 2020

Gone are the days when WordPress websites would have a simple, stale interface that didn’t look like anything an experienced web developer would make. In the last decade or so, it has changed with a range of plugins and page builders introduced by WP itself and various third-parties. Elementor is one of them.

Elementor has only been here for four years. However, it has taken the WP development industry by storm. The plugin is arguably the most popular third-party WP page builder on the block with more than one million users. The popularity of Elementor is based on pretty solid grounds. This open-source page builder is a free front-end editor offering live page building.

Besides, Elementor has one of the best UI among all the WP page builders. Its live drag-and-drop feature is so fluid and agile that you can implement and see a design change without incurring a lag. Elementor has more than 80 elements that you can add on your WP website to make it more functional, whether it is a sales page, homepage, or blog site.

Why Do You Need Elementor Add-ons?

In a way, Elementor is itself an add-on for WordPress. Then, why one needs to have add-ons for Elementor as well? This is a legitimate question that can bother anyone working on the WP website with third-party plugins for the first time. Well, the reason to use Elementor add-ons is simple, i.e., the need to make a dynamic website with every element fully customized to your need.

Third-party developers have developed improved and streamlined versions of many of Elementor’s built-in elements. By using some of those add-ons on Elementor live page builder, you get to experience the most fulfilling web developing experience and that too without needing any coding skills.

If you want to make the most of the WordPress web publishing platform and Elementor’s live page building experience, give a try to these 15 Elementor add-ons we are going to review here.

15 Elementor Add-ons to Check Out

We have researched and shortlisted some of Elementor’s add-ons for you. They will certainly help you in making your website more dynamic, agile, and click-worthy than before.

It is important to mention here that the numbering here doesn’t indicate any preferential order. It is only used for reading convenience.

1. Dynamic Content

Since we are talking about making a WP website more dynamic, let’s start with an Elementor add-on called Dynamic Content. The add-on is the manifestation of its name. It comes with over 50 widgets, 20 extensions, and four-page settings. These “add-on” features of Dynamic Content allow you to integrate an interactive cursor tracker on your WP website.

You can also have a sticky header on your website by using a Dynamic Content extension. To help you make your website a conversion platform, the add-on also offers an improved layout for Elementor Pro Forms. You can also add parallax and tilt transformations to your page through Dynamic Content. It also lets you create and store your own templates and integrate them with advanced custom fields.

Dynamic Content is still developing and extending. Very soon, it might introduce an extension for PayPal integration as well. Its developers are also working on integrating electronic signature feature in the form/registration field as well.

2.  Crocoblock

Crocoblock is one of the most comprehensive Elementor add-ons on the block. It offers an entire range of its customized plugins under the name of JetPlugins. From an online store to a travel blog, Crocoblock has plugins that you can use on Elementor to develop a website for any type of venture. The best thing about Crocoblock plugins is that they are not in conflict with Elementor features.

Even if you are not sure about using JetPlugins in the final version of your website, the live drag-and-drop feature of Elementor will help you in assessing the functionality, UI, and appearance of the plugins without wasting time. Crocoblock also offers a host of readymade templates that you can use seamlessly while building your WP site in real-time.

3. PowerPack Addons

PowerPack is another lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use Elementor add-on featuring more than 50 widgets. Among those 50+ dynamic widgets, seven are particularly designed for WooCommerce. The add-on offers extensive design and styling options with some elements that are predominantly suitable for ventures selling while-label products.

4. WidgetKit

WidgetKit is another Elementor add-on that lets you further improve the functionality of your WP website while building it live. Users also like to work with WidgetKit on Elementor because it matches up to the lightweight, agile, and easy-to-use features of the page builder.

WidgetKit offers more than 40 functional and dynamic elements. You can also use over 13 full-page web layouts of this Elementor add-on for more customization in your WP page development. The other great thing about this add-on is that it offers separate elements for WooCommerce. If you are developing a website for an online store, you can check out how good WidgetKit’s WooCommerce elements are.

5. The Plus Addons

This Elementor add-on is probably offering the highest number of customization options. As per its developers’ claim, it offers more than 800 customization options for Elementor live page building. Even if we don’t get into numbers, The Plus Addons still offers a large number of specification features. To begin with, you can use more than 300 UI elements for an Elementor-powered WP website.

You can also use more than 50 widgets and nearly a dozen page templates with The Plus Addons. The widgets offered by The Plus can prove to be gamechanger for your WP website. Besides dynamic charts, tables, and info boxes, you will find animated texts, flip boxes, timelines, maps, and many other sought-after elements as well.

If you want to give a quick makeover to a sales website, the UI blocks of this add-on will come in quite handy. You can add pricing tables, box grids, and feature lists with a dynamic interface and colors of your choice in no time.

6. Ultimate Addons

If you want to give a stunning display to your WP website for its products and content, you can use this no-frill Elementor add-on called Ultimate. This add-on is perfect for those users who don’t want to get spoiled for choices. It only provides over 20 widgets, but these have nearly all the advanced features you would like to have in any third-party Elementor widget.

Ultimate Addons also has a modular control capability that ensures you can maintain your website’s speed.

7. Essential Addons

Essential Addons is the most used third-party add-on for Elementor with more than one hundred thousand active users. You can use more than 60 of Essential elements to make your WP website more in line with your requirements.

Essential Addons’ premium widgets are quite impressive. For instance, you can have an off-canvas or parallax UI while using those premium features. We also like Essential Addons for its agility and responsiveness.  This add-on has a modular control feature that enables or disables an element on the site depending on how it is affecting the speed of the site.

8. Livemesh Addons

If you want to work with ready-to-customize elements and blocks, you will like Livemesh Addons. You get more than 25 elements that are not readymade. You can customize them to your exact needs. You can also use around 13 widgets of Livemesh to develop websites for any industry and niche. This Elementor add-on also allows you to add a dynamic image slider to your website.

Livemesh works equally well on all devices without suffering lag time. Its modular design, with all its elements and widgets, remains functional across all systems and devices.

9. HT Mega

HT Mega is an Elementor add-on that boasts about how good is it for making mobile-responsive websites. The add-on also takes pride in offering one of the most diverse and extended color and typography catalog for users to design on Elementor. HT Mega is offering more than 350 blocks, 80+ widgets, and even 15 readymade landing pages.

The other impressive bit about HT Mega Elementor blocks and widgets is that their colors and graphics are in line with Retina Ready and other high-resolution devices.

10. Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Addons is a suitable option for those using any Elementor for the first time. It comes with 40+ widgets with a lot of customization features. You can do unlimited section nesting and carry out cross-domain copy-pastes. The Happy Addons widgets also come with the CSS transformation feature that allows you to rotate, skew, and scale the widgets.

Widgets also come with background overlay, allowing you to make the UI more visually appealing by using color splashes and Hero Images instead of solid colors.

11. Elements Plus

If you are making a website heavy on text and documentation content, this Elementor Add-on is worth considering. The developers of Element Plus are continuously increasing the number of widgets. Right now, you will get to use more than 25 distinctive widgets. The add-on is cross-browser ready and offers live demos so you can appraise the functionality of a widget before integrating into your website.

The Element Plus widgets make for extremely agile and responsive websites. Moreover, it is easy-to-use—as easy as Elementor’s drag-and-drop feature.

12. Element Pack

Element Pack is another Elementor add-on with an abundance of choices. The add-on offers more than 100 unique widgets, 100 full-page templates, and over 600 block templates. All these Elementor add-on elements have a responsive design and don’t require any manual changes. All you need to do is drag and drop them on the live page builder.

One impressive bit about Element Pack is its elements, templates and widgets are multilingual-ready. It features RTL support; that means you can develop your website from right-to-left instead of left-to-right for languages like Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian.

13. Clever Addons

Clever Addons sports more than 35 unique and fully-customizable widgets. You can also use them in their readymade form to quickly build webpages. All clever elements are compatible with WooCommerce and satisfy the functional requirements you would like to have on an e-commerce sales page.

All widgets are responsive and can adapt to all types of devices accordingly. You can also disable and enable some of the elements to improve and optimize your page speed.

14. WPKit

If you are making a WP website with optimal responsiveness and dynamic outlay, you should consider using the WPKit Elementor add-on. This add-on doesn’t offer hundreds of widgets and elements. It boasts just over 20 widgets that have premium features and customization. From parallax layering to flex display, you can integrate various state-of-the-art web elements to your page with the help of WPKit widgets.

The other striking bit about WPKit is it also modifies the Elementor Editor Panel when you export it on the page builder. It essentially expands its UI and makes it more flexible to work. These changes allow you to use the Elementor in a more streamlined manner.

15. Massive Addons

We are rounding off our list with Massive Addons. It is a collection of more than 20 widgets that has a responsive design and loads very quickly. The add-on is cross-browser compatible. The widgets are good enough for any basic WP website that doesn’t need extensive content silos and nesting.

We primarily like this add-on for its lightweight widgets. You can make a WP website with a fast loading website by using its elements.

Final Thoughts

It is clear quite clear that the use of third-party add-ons can let you make a better page on Elementor. The range of widgets, individual elements, and templates ensure you can design your WordPress page for your exact functional requirements without needing expertise in CSS, PHP, and HTML coding.

If you need help with WordPress and WooCommerce development, reach out to us. We offer full-spectrum WordPress development services to SMEs, large businesses, and individual entrepreneurs.

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