Mike's Organic Delivery

Case Study

Implementing Streamlined Features for Mike’s Organic Delivery

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When Mike’s Organic Delivery approached CoSpark, they needed us to implement some new features and tweaks on an ongoing basis. Their team requested that we streamline their order processing for subsequent orders and clean up their checkout process – and we did just that.

Additionally, CoSpark added gift wrapping options and more to make the Mike’s Organic Delivery company website as user-friendly and personalized as possible. Now, Mike’s has become a long-term client, turning to us for services as needed and signing up for our premium care plan.

About Mike's Organic Delivery

From fresh berries to organic pasta, gourmet cauliflower sauce to sustainably harvested eggs, Mike’s Organic Delivery provides high-quality, healthy food to online shoppers. Members order from small farmers, artisans, fishermen, and producers via Mike’s Organic Delivery webpage.

This company’s goal is to make grocery shopping a more convenient – and healthier – experience. They’re all about transparency, and they use their website as a method to connect purposeful shoppers with small businesses and sustainable farming practices. When you shop Mike’s, you’re shopping to support a healthier planet and local economies.

Ensuring a Strong User Experience

With Mike’s Organic Delivery, we had a few goals that would all help with the UX:

  1. To take their original order process and optimize it for speed and ease.
  2. To clean up their checkout process to eliminate buyer friction.
  3. To add gift-wrapping options and other special features for shoppers.
  4. To implement some design tweaks throughout the site, as requested.

What we did

We began with our traditional discovery phase, which allowed the CoSpark team to learn Mike’s Organic Delivery inside and out. Not only did we want to hear what the company needed from us, but we also wanted to make assessments of our own.

Our website professionals then took over the Mike’s website to streamline the entire user experience. We made it simple and straightforward to shop, checkout, and personalize orders as needed.

Today, Mike’s Organic Delivery keeps us on retainer, using our services to handle requests and/or issues as they pop up. They are also signed up for our premium WooCommerce maintenance plan, which allows them to stay ahead of any cybersecurity concerns and design issues.