Three Great Email Marketing Tips For Dental Offices

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Potential patients are everywhere, and with nearly round the clock access to their email accounts through mobile devices and desktops, email marketing is still one of the most cost effective and easy ways to reach out to them. However, as most accounts are already inundated with subscriptions, coupon notifications, and personal emails, it is sometimes hard to make one particular email stand out against the rest. The question is how can you effectively persuade them to open your email and realize that you are not, in fact, spam? Here is a list of three ways to improve your current email marketing techniques for a more effective, and much more trustworthy, business-marketing tool.

Build trust

In business, relationships are key. Building a trusting relationship with current and prospective patients is the start of a solid foundation. This is perhaps even truer for dental offices than most any other profession because of the intimacy of oral exams, the high cost of procedures, and the sheer importance of quality dental work.

With that being said, you gathered the potential client’s information from a legitimate source. Use that information to start the relationship! If they see a name they recognize, or can remember why they gave their consent to allow you to contact them, then they will be more likely to open the email. While this may be a bit more time consuming, it will be more effective than sending out a generic message to everyone on your marketing list.  Additionally, if you want a potential client to take the time to open and read your email rather than just deleting it from the get go, then you need to put some extra time in the composition.

Staying on top of your email list!

A vital part of an effective email-marketing list is to make sure it is current! If you’ve been adding to the list for the past five years or so, then you could be sending out messages to out of date emails. One way to keep on top of the list is to pay attention to who responds or asks to be removed. When patients call in to make an appointment do you note if they use their email or how they were recommended to your office? By asking these simple questions, you will be able to better understand what makes your clients tick. This will help you improve your email-marketing list in the future while simultaneously letting that patient know that you appreciate their business and want their feedback. A patient who has established that kind of relationship with their dentist’s office will notice and appreciate that you care about their business and will be more likely to recommend you to a friend.

Keep up to Date

Use the subject line of your email to really get your patient’s attention. Talk about the newest and latest developers in dental treatment, and explain how they can benefit your patients. Your patients want to stay on top of technology and trends, and perhaps most importantly, they want to know that you are knowledgeable and on top of the newest developments in your field.


These three tips will help you to not only build the number of patients you treat, but can also improve your current marketing techniques by creating a trusting relationship with the potential patients, staying up to date, and by keeping your email list current. Remember email marketing is still very effective and has a large reach. Though it has a relatively low cost in comparison to other exposure techniques, it does require upkeep and effort to remain effective.

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