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Smart Check-Out Series: Credit Card Auto-Identification

The first of many to come in the Smart Check-Out series. The ultimate goal is to educate everyone on optimizing your check-out in your eCommerce system, so you can have less cart abandonment and more conversions . I will start with the most essential one, in my opinion, the payment section…

This is one step most eCommerce stores could optimize on, and save the consumer a few seconds. Have your software auto-recognize what sort of credit card (CC) it is. Every single CC has a Issuer Identification Number (IIN), basically each one starts off with it’s own unique string: Mastercard – 51-55, Visa – 4, and Amex – 34 or 37. Plus each one has a certain string length and other qualities to discern them.

So make your check-out portion Smart, and have it recognize the type of card it is, and select it for the user automatically.

My next topic will be on creating a sense of security in your check-out screen, along with tips to actually make it secure as well.

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