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Offer Website Visitors Instant Incentives and Get Higher Conversions

Truth be told, your customers and prospects don’t just take action because you ask them to do so. They take action for their personal gains. And that is why the best way to increase followers of your business on social media is by offering instant rewards and incentives.

Offering immediate rewards has been used as an effective business strategy for a long time. In fact, small businesses that drive sales using direct marketing techniques and door-to-door salesmen know that coupons, discounts and deals drive traffic quickly through the door. And service businesses are aware that asking their customers to make early payment for 10 percent discount on their invoice is a potent strategy.

Social media is not different. Your customers won’t take action simply because they like your products. Whether it’s signing up to your newsletter, liking your Facebook page, sending a Tweet, or sharing an informative post on Google+, they will do it for what they can get from you.

Facebook Insights

Most small businesses struggle and strive to create high quality content. They desire to use this to increase their visibility in search engines and build up free online traffic. But offering instant incentives is a very powerful alternative for connecting with your customers and obtaining faster conversions.

You can obtain rapid results and increase followers on all major social media by offering specific and attractive incentives as a reward for actions taken by your social audience. For instance, you can offer every new customer or client a 10% discount coupon to everyone who puts you on their Google+ stream. You may even turn each Wednesday into a special Twitter day and give all clients, who Tweet about your business or service, a $20 coupon for your services. To help you appreciate the impact of this strategy, here’s an outline of the benefits of social incentives.

Increase Followers on Social Media

  • Incentives can build up your social media audience rapidly. If your Facebook Fan base is not growing fast enough to give you the desired sales and profits, you can use instant rewards to create a bigger fan base in a short time. Studies have also shown that one of the best ways for a marketing team to hit their targets for social marketing is to use a social promotion tool to increase their Facebook Likes.

Build a Massive Email List Quickly

  • In addition to building a social audience, you can also generate a massive amount of leads through incentives. Your email acquisition rate will multiply and you will have thousands of email addresses to send follow up emails to. With this email list, you can send newsletters, promotional emails, and useful information that will make your customers continue to buy from you for years to come.

Increase Sales Conversions and ROI

  • Incentives, discount coupons and other rewards can produce a rapid increase in conversions. So you should learn to use instant offers to close sales. Apart from closing sales quickly, you will also be able to build up more Facebook likes and build up a more responsive email list. Once your customers have used your product or service once, they are more likely going to become repeat buyers and give you referrals which will result in more sales. The viral nature of social marketing also makes this strategy very effective.

So how exactly do I set this up? Meet JustUno.

JustUno Logo

JustUno is by far one of best social incentive tools out there, it makes it easy to offer your social audience incentives for conversions. With this tool, you can boost your social marketing efforts and start seeing amazing results everyday with just a couple of clicks. In fact there’s a free version that you can start using today!

The Justuno App is a very user-friendly widget designed to help you increase followers on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Linkedin, in additional you can increase your email subscriber list as well!  The way this works is when a customer visits your website, they will be greeted with a pop up with a promotional code that is hidden. The pop up will ask to follow any of your social networks, or subscribe to your newsletter. Once they do this, the coupon code will instantly be revealed. In addition, you can have a tab on the side of your website for easy access to the pop up. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

Dashboard: Add New Promotion

Audience Targeting: This feature helps you to know and target your social audience with precision. You can use this to maximize the effectiveness of your Justuno widget by targeting customers that will give you the highest sales and social conversions.

Mailing List Builder: This feature boosts your marketing campaign by providing a promo code to customers in exchange for their email address. This helps you to build your mailing list with new leads that you can send several follow-up mails.

Full Customization: You can use all the customizable features to promote your company’s brand. For instance, you change the look, color, text and language of your widget. You can also tease your users with the preview slider to grab their attention.

Dashboard: Manage Targeting Rules

Comprehensive Analytics: The widget helps you to keep track of your social shares and email sign up activity. So you can easily assess your performance and even use the statistics to make a comprehensive report of your social marketing activities.

Easy Installation: Your Justuno app can be live within a few minutes. The app code is very easy to install. And once it is installed, you won’t have to touch it again. It will simply keep working to increase followers on your social media channels and bring in the desired conversions.

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