Examining Google’s Money (Infographic)

August 6, 2012

Google had a staggering $29.3 billion in earnings in 2010. To compare, this is greater than the gross domestic product of the poorest 28 countries in the world combined. Although Google has numerous services and products, these only only responsible for 3 percent of their income. Their income is expected to rise as mobile phone advertising increases.

A large portion of their sales revenue comes from AdWords related to insurance, credit cards, pay day loans and lawyers, which target less than stellar services and products. Even with a $500 million fine for allowing foreign pharmacies to advertise medications to United States consumers, Google made a large profit from their search ads.

Google has over 1 billion unique visitors every month. That translates to 1 visitor for every 7 people in the entire world. These visitors spend about 200 billion minutes on the site per month. Google uses 260 million watts of electricity to provide services for these visitors. This is about half of the electricity the Hoover Dam creates in one year.

From: Business MBA

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