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Discovering the Benefits of SEO for Dental Practices

Updated: August 6, 2020

If looking for a great way to become more interesting to potential clients, dental SEO is the way to go if looking towards the internet for business. SEO, which otherwise stands for search engine optimization, is a process by which one makes their business more marketable when search engines are utilized. Before going into more detail about this technique, it is important to first explain why SEO is the pivotal concept that will boost dental internet marketing endeavors.

Domain Name and Website

When one purchases a domain name online or a similar URL address, it is almost comparable to buying a plot of land in the real world. The ultimate value in both concepts depends can vary, thus the piece of ownership could sprout an initial value on its own or have none or little at all. You further the analogy by picturing a land bought in the desert versus one purchase in a large and bustling city such as Miami. With me so far? Let’s continue. Now, when one asks a team of technicians to create a dental networking site, these individuals are setting up some sort of commercial value to the “land” itself. Similar comparison of such milestones would be the day that the actual dental office was open for business. Think back to when this situation occurred, I am sure that just opening your doors did not stream a line of patients into the waiting room, dental marketing and advertising are essential. Whatever the choice of preference was: either mailing lists, referrals from patients, or developing a campaign, some sort of marketing was performed. However, it is not untrue to think that there are not special cases where simply opening an office did cause business to boom. This is a rarity and usually happens when there is a high demand for that occupation in the area. Now that we have discussed market, let’s get back to how this applies in a dental setting using a website. This development of having your business placed on the internet is just the first check mark on a long list of things that need to get done. Although a website is a great step towards bringing in new clients, it will not stream in enough individuals for a successful business to thrive. Again, here is where dental SEO comes in handy.

Search Results

When a person decides to use a search engine to search for something, for example, “Dentist In Miami” the results will generally give them a plethora of options to choose from. Unfortunately, most individuals are led to believe that the search results at the beginning of the page hold more merit than those who are found later on in the results, and here comes the issue with credibility. Although this thinking is a far stretch, it happens all the time. In the real world such a mindset is quickly altered when people discover that where a business falls on a list does not go directly hand in hand with quality of service. You may be wondering, how does a business get to be at the top of the search results? The answer: invest more in dental SEO. If the world were a perfect place, the order in which a business pops up in a search engine should be based upon the level of performance given to clients; however, this does not happen. It should be a criteria and would be calculated by how the customers review you on the Internet or by how many guests go to your website. The technical term used by SEO is referred to as backlinking. Backlinks are basically composed of referrals that other websites have given to your page. Pretty much it occurs when an individual or company mentions you and then gives a link by which other potential customers can follow to your website. Because the world is far from ideal, many of these backlinks are far from organic. What does this mean? Many of the referrals one sees is based upon SEO professionals working to get them. Now you have learned that backlinking is an essential part of dental SEO, otherwise called off-page SEO.

Structuring Your Website

Another key component of dental search engine optimization is the way that you structure your website. Search engines are not rocket scientists, rather they are computerized robots that simply scan your page and use whatever information they can understand. It is no far stretch to realize that these search engine bots are not going to be able to lay opinion on your credibility or the services you provide. These search engine robots simply pick through the content and find any relevant keyword matches. However, they do comprehend if the structure of your website is good or not so good. So, it is important to focus on giving search engines what they need to put you in their results. This process is called on-page SEO. In layman’s terms, it essentially involves placing the desired keywords that correctly describe your services and what you want to get across to customers. You then place this information onto your website in a simply and organic manner by implementing in different codes, titles, etc. Make sure to include the most important elements into the text because this will be interpreted in this manner by the search engines.

Lets Sum it Up!

To sum up, we have now learned dental marketing online is developed through dental SEO, which contains two factions: off-page SEO and on-page SEO. It is pertinent to understand that the major search engines such as Google do employ methods to figure out whether a website has gained popularity through merit or the demand is artificial. Here is an example, a website that composes a bunch of backlinks in a short time frame and then stops suddenly, is an easy target for search engines who will view this as an artificial popularity. However, a website that builds a backlink each month is more tough because it could very well mean that it is increasing due to popularity. It is easy to understand if you view this concept from a person approach. If one is popular, they are going to get referrals all of the time, not just for a short period of time. The same thing goes for a dental website, and this explains why short SEO efforts will not be that effective. Only persistence and overall effort will help to build your business success.

What About Your Return on Investment?

Now that we have learned all about dental SEO, it all boils down to one question: is it a process that is worth the cost and effort? This can be answered by determining the ROI, or Return On Investment. Any patient that walks through the door could simply come for one visit or be a faithful individual who employs you as their dentist for twenty plus years, you never know. Either way, the costs that are paid for the office and other fees are going to have to be paid whether or not one invests in dental marketing, but remember this is inevitably an opportunity loss. Although the dental industry should not be looked at as a practice where money is made back immediately, the more patients who fill up chairs ultimately means the more money that will come in.

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