Platinum WooCommerce partner AnnexCore announces rebranding to CoSpark

July 11, 2022

Sparking collaborative growth, collaboration, and innovation at the center of the new brand promise.

AnnexCore, a certified WooCommerce-focused agency, has completed its rebranding project. As part of this exercise, the company has changed its name to CoSpark. The new name and brand promise are a reflection of the company’s renewed vision to become partners and collaborators in their client’s growth journey. The new brand will be reflected across all their external and internal channels and mediums.

With over a decade of experience exclusively focused on WooCommerce and one of the most sought-after eCommerce development agencies. CoSpark’s renewed approach looks to reinvent the traditional agency-client relationship. The new approach is built on four pillars: Collaboration, Innovation, Transparency, and Lean Thinking.

CoSpark aims to build a framework that allows a free flow of ideas and breaks down silos that almost always arise in the traditional way of delivering WooCommerce development services. New-age businesses need a new way of working, one that is focused on collaboration, transparency, innovation, lean thinking, and life-changing partnerships with both promising and enterprise businesses.

“We are excited about our rebrand and what it means for our company moving forward. Our new name and brand promise reflect our commitment to being a collaborative partner in our client’s growth journey,” said Heral Patel, Managing Director of CoSpark. “There is a need for a new agency model to help get projects to market on time and with the right features and functionality. We now provide direct and dedicated access to a team that has completely bought into the ideas and vision of our client partnerships.”

CoSpark has created 4 pillars that help them manage the most complex projects and deliver exceptional results for clients.


Collaboration is a key tenet of the delivery model to ensure that ideas are harnessed and the team moves forward together. Every team member assigned to a project works as an extension of the client’s team to ensure transparency and agility.


Keeping clients informed about every aspect of the project is CoSpark’s priority. Clients always have direct access to each member of the team, keeping everyone in active alignment towards a common goal.


CoSpark is constantly thinking about how to improve and make the most of existing resources. Their expertise on the platform allows them to push the perceived limits and build features that move the business forward.

Lean Thinking

CoSpark’s divergence in problem-solving ensures that they always deliver above expectations. A “think out of the box” approach to their project management and working processes eliminates non-essentials to focus on actionable results and trackable metrics.

“Collaboration, innovation, and transparency are embedded in every aspect of our process. With our decade-plus experience in WooCommerce, and new brand positioning, we are in a unique position to deliver consistent growth to our clients,” says Heral.

About CoSpark:
CoSpark (formerly AnnexCore) is a full-stack WooCommerce development agency that delivers on its projects through a collaborative, innovative, transparent, and lean-thinking approach. The company was founded in 2010 with a clear focus on helping clients use WooCommerce to build a sustainable eCommerce business. WooCommerce endorses CoSpark as a certified platinum WooExpert, the highest WooCommerce endorsement available. With over a decade of experience focused just on WooCommerce, they have developed deep expertise on the platform.

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