Social Media Offers Unique Opportunities for Viral Marketing

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One of the surest ways to boost interest in a business, product or service is with a sweepstakes or contest. To reap the full benefits, the event needs to go viral and social media platforms are the perfect breeding ground for such an endeavor.

The goal in a viral marketing campaign is to engage as many potential customers as possible. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter act much like word of mouth advertising, allowing users to share pertinent information with their friends, who in turn pass it on to others. Social media offers an easy, versatile and cost effective means of reaching millions of new clients and customers around the world.

A viral marketing campaign creates greater brand awareness, increases visibility, and enhances quality perception. Before beginning a social media marketing campaign, business owners must first decide what they want users to share. Participants must have an incentive and that can take the form of a coupon or an entertaining video to view. Businesses owners can also choose to reward users with a music, game or app download. QR codes can also be used, or owners can choose to reward participants with gift cards and other merchandise.

The mode of transmission plays an integral part in the success of any viral marketing effort. Business owners can begin by contacting those who have already expressed an interest in the company’s social media site, or the information can be posted and rely on existing visitors to share with their friends through social media and mobile messaging.

Business owners have three basic ways in which to implement their strategy. Gentle reminders can be sent to fans reminding them to share what they like with friends, providing the least invasive means of launching the campaign. Information about the incentive and what visitors must do to obtain it can be posted directly on the social media website with an offer to participate. The third method utilizes a readily recognizable incentive that calls for immediate action on the part of visitors.

Viral marketing sweepstakes and contests can be conducted for a multitude of businesses, products and services. Perhaps the most attractive feature of a viral marketing campaign implemented through social media is that consumers actually perform the marketing aspect for business owners. Armed with a social media account and a popular incentive, companies have enormous opportunities to build brand awareness and trust, and create customers for life.

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