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Optimize Gmail for Search Engine Optimization LinkBuilding Tasks

June 26, 2012

Gmail offers numerous benefits over having your own e-mail servers and other e-mail service providers, which is one of the reasons AnnexCore utilizes Gmail as our e-mail provider. The more and more we use Gmail we reach some of its limitations which is why we wanted to provide this post to help you eliminate a few of those. Let’s first start with enhancing Gmail with its native features:

Lab Enabled Features

  • Gmail Shortcuts – You’ll have to enable these within Google Labs, then you’ll be able to increase your productivity by folds. There are many useless steps which can be easily eliminated through the use of shortcuts. Instead of us writing out all the shortcuts, it’s always better to references Google’s provided list.
  • Undo Send – Allows you to undo a send based on the time you set it as. The undo button will show up near the “Message has been sent” alert that pops up.
  • Canned Responses – Allows you to save time by not having to copying & pasting e-mails from one source to another. A key step is to highlight parts of the e-mail you want to change from recipient to recipient.
  • Send & Archive – This is a button that shows up after enabling it, it allows you to archive the message while sending it. This will benefit you if you setup Labels and need to classify e-mails based on a process within a system.

Add-on Features

  • Rapportive – This is a plug-in that will grab more detailed information about people you’re about to e-mail or have e-mailed you. It will include all the social connections from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Boomerang – This takes care of one of the major limitations of Gmail, a scheduled e-mail option. This plug-in will help you send your e-mails later, and e-mail you if you don’t hear back from the person. It’ll let you send e-mails within a few hours, days, weeks, or even months.

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