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Important Factors for Successful WooCommerce Stores

January 11, 2016

Over one million online businesses trust WooCommerce to power their online store and with good reason. Arguably the largest ecommerce platform, WooCommerce is loaded with features and endless customization options yet still incredibly simple. A Mom and Pop business can plug and play a store into their WordPress site and upload products for sale, and a multimillion dollar company can use WooCommerce and customize it to their heart’s desire. With so many options and uses for all types of sites, businesses and skill levels it’s easy to see why so many people love WooCommerce. Optimize your online ecommerce business by analyzing the below elements of your WooCommerce store. Small modifications and improvement could mean a noticeable increase in sales.

Always Upsell

Want to make more money? Just sell more products! While that’s technically the answer, there is a lot of in between. WooCommerce knows this and has tools available to target upselling and encourage customers to buy more. Import as many products into your store as you’d like and each one will be assigned a SKU based on the parameters that you put in place ahead of time. Seasoned professionals can set up formulas that analyze the products in one’s cart and recommend complementing items. Socks to go along with a shoe purchase, an appetizer for a meal or accessories for an electronic device. You name it; it can be suggested for purchase where it matters most. cc

Have a WordPress/WooCommerce Certified Development Firm Review Your Data

WooCommerce places a significant focus on keeping you in control of your data. By refraining from third party use, your customer’s information is kept exclusively with you under a tight lock and key. Payment data aside, WooCommerce gathers a host of different data points that are incredibly useful for seeing how people buy what and when. Trusting a web development firm that’s a certified WooThemes partner to review this is a worthwhile venture for increased sales. They’ll be able to look at your data objectively and identify patterns and buying habits. From there, they can implement graphic, layout and back-end changes that will give your customers a better buying experience. Working with pros gives you access to high-level development points such as:

  • Extensions & API Integrations – You most likely utilize an accounting software or inventory management and ordering system to keep track of everything that’s going on with your business. Endless reasons can be provided on why it’s highly beneficial for these systems to communicate with your online store. While you might be sold on the concept of having them linked up, this is a careful process that’s best set up by professionals.
  • Theme Customizations – All WooThemes and other WordPress based sites can accommodate a WooCommerce store integration. You’ll want your store to fit naturally into your site and have the same look and feel. Branding is everything, and your ecommerce store should be clean, easy to navigate and embody the heart of your brand. Everything from the colors of the shop to the fonts, shapes of the buttons and more can be customized with professional help.

Graphics and Organization

Online commerce differs from traditional store commerce on a few different levels. It’s incredibly important for an ecommerce store to be organized. Here are some of the organizational elements to keep in check for higher sales and ease of use for future upgrades and customization.

  • SKU System- Have one in place that accounts for every product in each different color, size, etc. Don’t take the high level road here, really spend the time to organize everything in a way that differentiates even the smallest of differences in products.
  • Product Naming Scheme- Most people don’t think about the way a product is named when it’s added to the system. As more products are added down the line by yourself, a web firm or an employee, the original logic may not be used. For example, someone might list the company name and then the product name, where another might reverse it and/or add a size or color to the title.
  • Graphics- Good looks sell. Studies have shown that professional product images directly increase sales. Put your best foot forward and opt for the highest quality images available. If you have to take photos in house and can’t afford to hire a professional photographer, strive to keep the background clean and identical for each product.

Keeping track of the above schemes can be a full time job in itself. Smaller companies should have a manual that outlines their best practices, and larger companies should try to limit the amount of people who interface with the store and products on a daily basis.

Time = Money, Saving Time = More Money!

If you’re just taking the plunge into the ecommerce world and doing your research on WooCommerce, it’s highly recommended to involve a professional from the start. Doing so will ensure that everything is set up efficiently and won’t cause inventory mishaps, payment concerns or security breaches down the line. Starting the right way is much easier (and affordable) than trying to reorganize and restructure down the line.

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