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Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Firm over Freelancers

Updated: August 6, 2020

Your website build is an intricate process that consists of hundreds if not thousands of little details. Some are relatively easy, like hooking up your domain name to the new site. Others, like formatting your homepage can take hours and need dozens of tweaks to be perfect. Don’t let that intimidate you! Trained professionals are accustomed to all of the steps that are within the website building process. Aside from building it yourself, you have the option to hire a web development firm or to work with a freelance developer. Here are some of the reasons why it’s strongly recommended to work with a firm for your website build.


When you agree to start the website building process with a web firm, you will most likely be in constant contact with one or two individuals. Behind the scenes, a team is collaborating on the different aspects of your website. A graphic designer with years of experience is crafting stunning graphics for your homepage. A programmer is coding, testing and tweaking the inner pages and overall functionality. Finally, an SEO expert is optimizing your site and making it just as beautiful to Google as it will look to you. A web development firm means you are getting to use multiple individuals who have a laser focused skill. You’ll get the best of the best at a fraction of the cost of hiring all of these individuals on your own.

Support Down The Line

Websites should be living and ever evolving with new content and efficiency updates. (To see what happens when you don’t update your website, click here.) Most development firms will give you the resources to make updates for yourself or will perform basic updates for you as per your ongoing agreement. Professionals do their best to work within the standards of the overall web process and deploy the latest practices within their specialty. Websites have a language of their own and while there are individuals who can help you with your site, the original firm will always have the upper hand. Similar to how team members have different skillsets, noteworthy development firms set company standards for a customer’s benefits. If it’s time to make some edits, reach out to your team and know that anything you need updated or changed will be taken care of perfectly.


It’s the nature of any industry to mingle with likeminded businesses and complementing services. Because of your web firm’s status, they have carefully crafted relationships with a multitude of companies that are beneficial to you and your website/business. Examples include stock photo companies, connections to specialized professionals like animators and certifications from big name companies. Certifications are one of the most attractive aspects of working with a firm. They were trained by the search engine, mailing platform or ecommerce system’s best and can now confidentially serve your needs. Freelancers are often limited with the funds they can allot to continued education and might not have the time to set aside to spend fifty plus hours with a larger company.

Let your website represent every value that you hold true to your heart in business. Customers will be able to see the difference and appreciate a website that’s beautifully designed and flawlessly functional. As a business owner, sleep soundly with the peace of mind knowing that your site was given the white glove treatment.

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